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Customer Centric Approach: What it is and How to Implement it in your Company
At this point you are probably already clear that there is no better strategy than the one that focuses on lengthening the customer's life cycle, so that the cost per acquisition of this is reduced, while the billing increases. As you might imagine, Customer Centric Approach is all about that.
Brands and companies have always generated efforts to get our customers to stay longer.
However, despite the fact that we tried for years, with the old marketing practices it was very difficult to get those we managed to convert into customers to stay for much longer.
At that time, when we applied traditional marketing techniques, it happened that we did not have the necessary tools to know exactly how the interaction and behavior of the client with our brand had been.
Now, fortunately, the advancement of technology, the Internet, big data (and more) are on our side to generate marketing actions focused on the client or Customer Centric Approach. Today we tell you what it is and how to implement it in your company.
What is Customer Centric Marketing?
Customer Centric or customer-centered is a strategy that, as its name suggests, tries to focus on satisfaction, delight and positive customer experience, from its awareness stage to its decision stage; that is, from the beginning of the sales funnel to the end and beyond.
Obviously, making our clients feel comfortable and establish a long-term relationship with our brand is a primary and basic matter. However, Customer Centric Marketing is not aimed at providing an incredible experience to all of our customers, but to a select group that brings together our best customers.
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Let's suppose that you are a manager or owner of an eCommerce, and you have two types of clients:
1. The one who buys 3 times a month.
2. The one who buys bi-monthly.
Wh to l you think is your best customer? Of course, the one who buys 3 times a month; Therefore, you could classify these types of customers as "the good ones", since they buy from you repeatedly without having to carry out marketing and sales actions to retain them.
And "the bad guys" are because obviously they are not generating income as you dreamed. That means you have to invest in sales and marketing strategies to extend your customer life cycle.
So, the Customer Centric Approach defends as a philosophy that your strategies and operations revolve around your most valuable customers: “the good ones”.
But be careful! Those who have been classified as “the bad guys” are also still yours, and therefore you must find a way to keep them and attract them to the category of “the good guys”. That is, by managing the information properly, you can make those that are not so profitable today, in the medium or long term.
In fact, information shared by ClickZ mentions that 90% of marketers said that customer individualization is a priority, because the more personal you are, the better your response will be. This applies to both types of clients.
So customer satisfaction in these times is a valuable resource because it allows your actions to return a lower customer acquisition cost and, therefore, more points to billing.
When we make valuable efforts to keep our best customers happy, there is a long - term relationship that we can save money on investment will or n strategies, as well as mention to bamos at the beginning, that returns two benefits t to cytes: lower cost in acquiring the customer and better BILLING it or n month.
But in addition to those general benefits, the Customer Centric Approach brings with it some other benefits as we apply the process; for example:
1. The Customer Centric Approach allows you to know the before, during and after the customer's journey
A strategy based on Customer Centric Approach focuses primarily on knowing and understanding c it or how customers relate to the brand; Ż C or mo begin their relationship or n? Wha é is what allows you to interact openly with them? Ż C or mo ultimately become customers ?, and c or mo end up leaving the sales funnel?
So, knowing what the sticking point is from one stage to the next is what will allow you to improve the mechanism to further personalize your marketing actions for each client. Therefore, the Customer Centric Approach becomes a great opportunity to grow the business.
2. You develop a unique competitive advantage and a totally differentiated service
When you focus on applying a philosophy like the Customer Centric Approach, you are working to know everything about your best customers, and then you will be managing information that your competition does not yet know. Don't you think that puts you in a pretty privileged position?
You have in your hands the information or n necessary to increase the lifecycle of your client, while your competitors are struggling to attract, but c or how it would if no information handled it or actual n?
Knowing the details that has caused your client to have an extensive time in their life cycle as such, you constantly promote your competitive advantage.
3. You recognize opportunities for growth
It is precisely that power of information that allows you to find growth opportunities when you apply the Customer Centric Approach, because by following step by step the traces of your customers, including those in the "bad" category, you can work to get them to improve their connection with your brand or company.
The same as with your best clients, that is to say, absolutely all the footprints that you follow in the investigation of data and information, can help you improve the conditions of your clients, that is why we talk about recognizing growth opportunities.
4. Truly unique experience
If there is something that reigns in these times, it is the idea of making great efforts to generate incredible experiences. To do this, you have to rely on the best strategies, such as omnichannel, the correct use and analysis of big data and, of course, the measurement of results, once all the strategies are put into action.
All this can be executed under the Customer Centric Approach philosophy, and as a final result you will have earned the trust and absolute loyalty of your best customers. You will even gain the trust of those who are "the bad guys", and all because you focused on each of their needs in a particular way.
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